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The Plot Continues

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WALBERG. Mr. Speaker, almost before we finished our vote on the floor of the House calling for a conference committee to address concerns and try to face each other eye-to-eye, House-Senate, to come up with a solution, the phone lines were ringing and a robocall was sent out: while you were sleeping, your Member shut down the government.

This morning, I went to check and see how much further this plan had gone on, that purely said what was done for the last 2 weeks was political, to shut down the government, designed by the Senate Democrat leadership and the President of our United States.

I went to E-Verify. This is a computer program. E-Verify is unavailable due to the Federal Government shutdown. It's a computer.

The Panda Cam at the zoo was shut down. That's a camera. It's not a Federal employee.

Mr. Speaker, we offered fairness for the people of the United States, an option to make sure that we lived under the same plan that they do. The Senate rejected it.

We offered a compromise to go, simply, to a conference committee and discuss a plan of a way forward. It was rejected.

The plot continues. Political, not policy, not for the good of this country.

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