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Drug Quality and Security Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DINGELL. Mr. Speaker, this is a good bill. It's not perfect, but it is a huge stride forward.

It represents a major step in securing our pharmaceutical supply chain and improving FDA's authority to oversee compounding pharmacies. It also is done under a bipartisan, bicameral, cooperative, and enthusiastic effort by Members on both sides of the aisle and of the Capitol working together.

It addresses the problems of the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak of several years ago, which were traced to lots of supposedly sterile steroid injections made at the New England Compounding Center. There were 264 cases of fungal meningitis in my home State and 19 deaths. This will address that concern in a very excellent way.

It also sees to it that FDA and the States are able to cooperate together, have better funding and more authority over compounding pharmacies. It also does something else, which is very important: it sees to it that now we can track and trace pharmaceuticals through the channels of trade, a very important need. And it is for the first time going to see to it that Americans are able to address their concerns about the safety of pharmaceuticals in these important areas.

I want to thank Chairman Upton for his leadership, Ranking Member Waxman, Representatives Pallone, Matheson, DeGette, Latta, Pitts, and Griffith, and my good friend, Mr. Green, for their hard work on this legislation. I hope that we can quickly send this legislation to the President's desk for signature.

Now just one thought: why is it that on legislation of this kind, this body can work together, and we are not capable of dealing with massive problems like government shutdowns and dealing with continuing resolutions? Perhaps maybe a little bit of informed, intelligent behavior by this House on other matters would be in order.


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