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King Statement on Government Shutdown


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Angus King released the following statement this morning after the government shut down at midnight last night:

"I am disappointed to say that a relatively small portion of the Republican caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives has successfully forced a government shutdown despite the will of the American people and repeated calls by members of both bodies to do otherwise.

"I have now voted three times to continue to the fund government and have said repeatedly that I am willing to improve the Affordable Care Act and negotiate on other issues -- but not at the point of a gun.

"I am deeply concerned that if we establish the precedent that major substantive issues can be linked to simple government funding it will become routine and our constitutional processes will be rendered irrelevant.

"It continues to be my top priority to work with my colleagues in both the Senate and House to immediately pass a clean continuing resolution that will end this unnecessary shutdown, reopen the federal government, and again resume the critical services that government provides to countless Mainers and Americans across the country. I believe we could accomplish that goal immediately with a bipartisan majority if Speaker Boehner allows the House to vote on the Senate's continuing resolution."

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