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Governor Christie & Democratic Senate President Sweeney: This Is the Good Stuff

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Democratic Senate President Sweeney: In Washington, unfortunately, it's embarrassing to watch what's going on right now. The governor and I, I can tell you disagree on many issues, but there's many we agree on and higher education in our minds is the key to a strong economy. So I want to thank the governor because we worked together and did something that they tried a couple of times, in restructuring higher education, but once we did the restructuring we had to fund it. It had been 1988 since the last time there had been any new money, so together we're going to change the face of the state of New Jersey in such a positive way. And we created centers of excellence in three areas of the state, the north, the central, and the south didn't get forgotten this time. And again, I want to thank the governor for working with us because we would never have the type of jobs that we want without a trained workforce. And you know something, we're going to have them. And we're going to have them because we've done some great things here. And again, I want to thank the governor for working with me and the legislature -- Democrats, Republicans in a very bipartisan way to put the people first. To focus on what matters -- you know we could do the campaigns and we can call each other names, all that stuff, and we've done that. I more than he just to be honest. At least publicly. These slip from time to time. But again, this is when government works and this is the good stuff. And we should celebrate when we're doing things to put people first. So governor I want to thank you for your willingness to work with a Democrat legislature to put the people first and actually do something which was invest in higher education to make New Jersey -- put it right back where it belongs. Number one in the nation and number one in the world as an educated workforce. Thank you governor.

Governor Christie: As Steve very well put it, it is in stark contrast to what we're seeing right now in the nations' capitol where not only won't people work together, they won't even talk to each other. And you know that doesn't happen here, and it doesn't happen because me and Steve and Sheila Oliver the Speaker won't let it happen. We're willing, even when we're angry with each other, which only happens on a rare occasion, but even when we're angry with each other we don't let ourselves stop talking to each other. And those relationships are the type of relationships that allow you to make the progress that we're all noting her today. So, I want all of you to understand that this is not an accomplishment that is my own or that I could have done on my own. It is an accomplishment that Steve, and Sheila, and I share together along with other members of the legislature and folks in my Administration, but it couldn't happen without that type of bipartisan cooperation where we put aside differences, we emphasis the things that we agree on and we get our work done. And so -- you know it's probably rare that in past political seasons in New Jersey that some would think that New Jersey could be an example for any place around the country, well guess what, if they need some inspiration in Washington DC to finally figure out how to get the job done the right way they should look up here to New Jersey and watch Republicans and Democrats work together.

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