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Governor Christie: Wonder If Bipartisanship Works?


Location: Unknown

You wonder if bipartisanship works or not, look around you. You wonder whether or not it's worth some of the sacrifice and abuse that comes from the extremes of the political parties, look around you. The fruits of this labor that Joe and I and others have engaged in is going to be the fulfillment of the potential of these young people and others who come through this school. And that's a pure good. And there are very fewer pure goods in this world we all know that. Providing the opportunity for children to reach their fullest potential is a pure good. So I'm here today to cut this ribbon and to open this new era here in Newark because it is a pure good, and I am very proud to be a small part of being able to make it happen. So I want to congratulate everybody, the administration, the teachers, the students in this school, for setting such a shining example for the rest of Newark and the rest of New Jersey by working hard and achieving your fullest potential. And we're doing our part, at least here we are, and if you do part, Newark's going to be a better place, Essex County's going to be a better place, New Jersey will be a better place, and America is the world a better place. And we know this for sure, only with a strong, smart, resolute America is the world a better place. So, thank you all for coming today. Thank you for the great gift, I appreciate it. And let's go cut this ribbon and get out of these kids' way so they can get to learning. Thank you all very much.

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