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Governor McCrory Calls Justice Department Challenge of Voter ID An Overreach

Press Release

Location: Raleigh, NC

Governor Pat McCrory today criticized Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to challenge North Carolina's common sense voter-ID requirement, calling it a meritless federal overreach.

"I believe if showing a voter ID is good enough and fair enough for our own president in Illinois, then it's good enough for the people in North Carolina," said Governor McCrory.

This legislation puts North Carolina in the mainstream when it comes to voter access and ballot integrity.

NC will still be one of 32 states and DC to offer early voting.
NC will be one of 34 states that requires or will require some form of voter ID.
NC will be one of 37 states that do not allow same-day registration.
NC will be one of 43 states and DC that does not allow underage voters to pre-register.

"I believe that North Carolina is in the mainstream on this issue and it's the Justice Department that's working in the fringes. This new law which I signed in August brings us in line with a majority of other states," continued Governor McCrory.

Governor McCrory also noted that if residents of North Carolina do not have an ID, the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles will begin offering free voter ID cards on January 1, 2014.

"I'm very disappointed that the Justice Department has chosen to challenge a law that includes provisions such as voter ID as is used in other states throughout our great country. This lawsuit will only result in costly legal bills and drawn out legal battles for both state and federal taxpayers. Protecting the integrity of every vote is one of the most important duties I have as governor of this great state. And that is why I signed this common sense legislation into law," added McCrory.

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