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Smith: House Dems Put Illegal Immigrants Above American Workers


Location: Unknown

"Democrats in Washington are at it again -- promoting policies that will put millions of Americans out of work. Senate Democrats and the President refuse to negotiate with House Republicans to find a solution to the government shutdown that has left hundreds of thousands of government employees out of work. Now House Democrats are pushing for legislation that would legalize millions of illegal immigrants, increasing competition for scarce jobs and making it harder for U.S. citizens and legal immigrants to find work.

"Democrats are putting the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of American workers. That's not good government and it's not good for the American people.

"Republicans are on the side of hardworking Americans. We want to make sure that our nation's immigration policies put the interests of Americans first. That means securing the border and fully enforcing our immigration laws. It means attracting and retaining highly-skilled immigrants who contribute to American innovation, and the establishment of an agricultural guest worker program that meets the demands of our food supply. It means ensuring that U.S. employers hire legal workers and that dangerous criminal immigrants are not released into our communities.

"These are policies that can improve our immigration system. It's disappointing that Democrats continue to insist on amnesty for illegal immigrants rather than supporting policies that help the American people."

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