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Waiving Requirement of Clause 6(a) of Rule XIII with Respect to Consideration of Certain Resolutions Reported from the Committee on Rules and Relating to Consideration of Senate Amendment to H.R. 2642, Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman from Massachusetts for yielding and for his leadership.

We do live in a constitutional Republic. That constitutional Republic requires for this Nation not to be held hostage by self-centered special interests.

We come to the floor today to stand in opposition to the minority of the majority holding the vast numbers of Americans who want a rational approach, to continue the operation of this government, and to be able to make a difference.

So I rise today and say that martial law--even the concept of it--is one that finds itself with a very difficult premise. Whatever we want to throw down today, the American people have to take it. And so if someone rises and says there are Medicare cuts, we have to take it and believe that it happens. The Affordable Care Act did not do that. In fact, the Affordable Care Act rescued seniors from the abyss of the doughnut hole. When you threw them over the doughnut hole, when they were drowning in the doughnut hole because of Medicare part D, we've helped them cut their prescription costs.

And so this misrepresentation about the Affordable Care Act and the urgency to defund it is a misnomer, it's incorrect, and it's just plain wrong.

This proposed CR, or continuing resolution, that now wants to delay the individual mandate, Mr. Speaker, I don't think my colleagues remember the hours and days and weeks of hearings that we had in this place. Maybe they don't remember the little girl who was suffering from leukemia that went into an insurance company with her family in California and died because the insurance company would not cover her because she had a preexisting disease. I wonder what it feels like to see your child die in your arms because there is no insurance.

I will not vote for anything that will delay the individual mandate while young women over the age of 26 who are susceptible to early cancer will not be able to find affordable, reasonable health insurance. Not on my watch.

I will not vote for this rule. And I ask you not to vote for it. It is interesting that we can cut $40 billion out of food subsistence for 46 million Americans-- 75 percent are children, 23 percent are disabled, 11 percent are elderly, and some of them are the families of soldiers--but we can vote today to give fat cats subsidies.

You will divide us like that if you want to make sure that you take care of your district and not take care of America. Well, I came today to rise on the floor of the House to say that the Founding Fathers stuck together in the Thirteen Colonies when they declared their independence. There's something about unity for the greater good. And I refuse to let this House fall on the spear for individual selfish perspectives--because I got mine, you get yours. America deserves better. We will vote in the best interest of America. It is to continue this government and provide for ObamaCare and make sure that there's health care for a better America.


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