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The UN Arms Trade Treaty, A Threat to U.S. Liberties


Location: Washington, DC

Today, the State Department's Secretary John Kerry signed the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Congressman Randy Weber (R-Friendswood) made the following statement:

"The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty is a threat to our individual rights that are protected by the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution. On June 14, the House unanimously adopted an amendment to ban funding for the UN Arms Trade Treaty. There is significant bipartisan opposition to the United States signing this treaty and once again, the President and his Administration are intentionally ignoring the will of Congress and the will of the people.

If the UN Arms Trade Treaty makes its way to the President's desk and it is signed, he is allowing the UN to have immense power. Our government is setting a precedence, for the UN to tell Americans, what we can and cannot do. Once this happens, consider America's sovereignty to be but a distant memory. In order to preserve and protect this great country's independence, it is critical that my colleagues in the Senate do everything in their authority to prevent the UN ATT from making its way to the West Wing."

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