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Congressman Cantor: We Are Ready To Negotiate With The Senate


Location: Unknown

"Good morning. We are here as members of the House-appointed conferees to request, by the House to the Senate, to sit down and talk about the situation that we've found ourselves in.

"I think it's fair to say that none of us want to be in a shutdown and we're here to say to Senate Democrats: come and talk to us. This is how we resolve our differences and can work our way out of this kind of situation.

"As you know, the House has proceeded in five different fashions to try and resolve this situation and not to end up here. But, at each and every turn, the Senate Democrats refuse to even discuss these proposals and have instead tabled every one of them.

"The proposal last night was a request by the House for us to go to Conference. I'm here with my colleagues: Chairman of the Budget Committee Paul Ryan, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee Dave Camp, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee Hal Rogers, Rep. Tom Graves of the Appropriations Committee, Rep. Ander Crenshaw of the Appropriations Committee, Rep. John Carter of the Appropriations Committee as well as Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, also of the Appropriations Committee.

"All of us are here, sitting at a table, waiting for the Senate Democrats to join us so we can begin to resolve our differences.

"Now, we were very encouraged by the passage of a bill in the House sponsored by Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado. It was a bill to fund our troops, so that they would not have any harm because of a government shutdown. The Senate passed the bill and the President signed it into law. That's very encouraging.

"We hope to be able to build on situations like that, if the Senate Democrats would come and join us.

"I know that today we have Honor Flight veterans, flying in to Washington to come and enjoy the memorials here. I am told that they are at the World War II memorial site, regardless of the barriers, because they should, as Americans, as veterans, people who have served this country, have the ability to enjoy that site.

"This situation like that, the silliness that is caused by unwillingness to talk is what we're trying to avoid. We invite Senate Democrats to come join us so that we can resolve our differences and work our way out of this situation."

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