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Delay, Defund, Repeal, and Replace Obamacare

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, it's interesting what brings us here to the House floor this Saturday morning as we are looking at a continuing resolution to fund the government and as we are looking at ways to address what is happening with ObamaCare--where 17 percent of our Nation's economy is being nationalized and federalized.

Those are concerns that we are hearing from our constituents. They do not want ObamaCare to be put into action, and they do not want these insurance exchanges to be stood up and put into action. There are a lot of good reasons why.

First of all, they are not ready. That's why we need to delay this for 1 year. Delay it. We know that there are problems with the exchanges. We know that there are problems with all of the interactive technologies. We know that ObamaCare has already missed over half of its deadlines.

Why would you move forward on a program that is not ready for prime time?

Delay, defund, repeal, replace. That is what we need to do with ObamaCare.

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