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Collins Votes to Avert Government Shutdown, Delay Obamacare for All Americans


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Doug Collins (GA-09) voted tonight, yet again, to avoid a government shutdown. Congressman Collins said:

"Tonight, the House acted again. We voted to pay the federal government's bills, avert a government shutdown, and protect every American from the burden of Obamacare for at least another year, something the president has already chosen to do for a privileged few. It's my hope that after a week of intense debate, the United States Senate sets aside its rigid partisanship and meets its responsibilities. Senate Democrats have to acknowledge that the Republican Majority in the House was duly elected 10 months ago to provide a direct voice for the American people. The financial burden of Obamacare will not discriminate between those who voted for Republicans, those who voted for Democrats, and those who didn't vote at all. Passing the House CR--again--is doing the people's work."

Legislation that passed the House tonight also repeals the medical device tax and, most importantly, funds military pay in the event Senate Democrats prompt a government shutdown.

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