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Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. KINGSTON. I thank the chairman for the time.

Mr. Speaker, I want to say that we're here tonight on a continued debate over ObamaCare for a good reason. In fact, there's three reasons.

Number one, health care is one-sixth of the economy. I think that before we turn over one-sixth of the economy to the Federal Government, we need to be very clear on the path that we're going on. Right now, the path is anything but clear. In fact, to quote one of the leading Democrat architects from the Senate, Senator Baucus, he said it's a train wreck.

So to me, to continue the debate on ObamaCare is the proper thing to do. One-sixth of the economy, Mr. Speaker. Think about that.

Secondly, in terms of our health care system now, as flawed as it may be, it's still the best health care system in the world. Indeed, 40 percent of the medical tourists come to America for procedures and operations. You can't say that about any other country.

Number three, ObamaCare has failed. Two of its prime objectives were, number one, to decrease the cost of health care, and number two, to increase the access. And let's examine those. Do you know anybody whose health care premium has decreased this year? I have asked this question many, many times back home and on the floor of the House. And I've invited people to call my office if their premiums have in fact decreased. I haven't heard from an individual. I haven't heard from a business. I've talked to many businesses who have had 25 and 30 percent increases. My own daughter's premium, a healthy 30-year-old, went from $170 a month to $270 a month.

The premiums are not going down because the cost isn't going down. ObamaCare has failed on that.

Then number two--and very importantly--accessibility has not increased. Two Fortune 500 companies in my home State of Georgia have announced the following: one says that they will no longer cover 15,000 spouses of their employees under their health care.


Mr. KINGSTON. I thank the gentleman.

Another Fortune 500 company in Georgia has announced that 20,000 part-time employees will no longer have company-sponsored health care. We're hearing this over and over again.

I talked to one man who has a successful startup business. He got to 42 employees and he said, And I quit growing because I did not want to get to 50 because not only am I concerned about the cost of ObamaCare, but I don't know how it's going to be implemented. I don't know the rules of it.

So I would say this debate is well worth having. And I would say to our Democrat friends, whether you're voting for it or not, at this point it's not a matter of philosophy; it's a matter of admitting that it is a matter of mistake to go on with ObamaCare. It has not decreased the cost, and it has not increased the access of health care.

Before we say good-bye to the best health care system in the world and one-sixth of our economy, turning it over to the Federal Government, we need to stop and retool and start all over. So it is the right thing to do to fund the government, avoiding a shutdown, but not to fund ObamaCare.


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