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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, ObamaCare, as it has been affectionately called, was intended to do two things:

Number one, make health care more affordable.

Number two, make it more accessible, pure and simple.

Let's talk about that. Does anyone know anybody whose premium has gone down? My daughter is 30 years old, very healthy. Her premium went up from $170 a month to $270 a month.

I speak to businesses all the time who have had 25, 35, 40 percent premium increases. Now, my telephone number in my office is 202-225-5831. If your premium has gone down, I would like to know about it.

The second thing ObamaCare was meant to do is make health care more accessible. In Georgia, we have two Fortune 500 companies. One has announced that it will no longer be covering the spouses of 15,000 employees. The other one announced that 20,000 part-time employees would no longer be covered under their health care.

So I don't know of any example of where accessibility has increased for the average person. Zero for two. Higher costs and less access. Let's repeal ObamaCare.

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