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Arizona Republic - Let's Delay Obamacare for a Year, So We Can Kill It

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By Marsha Blackburn and Jeff Flake

As we approach the Oct. 1 deadline when "Obamacare" begins to go into effect, it becomes more and more evident that the president's health-care law is not ready for prime time.

Through our congressional oversight and the feedback we get from businesses and families around the country on a daily basis, we have seen just how frustrated people are with the impact Obamacare is having on their lives.

It has become very clear that this law is unworkable. A CNN poll last week shows support for the president's health-care law waning, with only 39 percent of Americans now in favor of Obamacare, down from 51 percent in January.

With the Obama administration's decisions to delay several parts of the health-care law, including the employer mandate, it is clear that even the White House now recognizes what the rest of America already knows: Obamacare is a train wreck.

Businesses small and large across our states have shared stories about the burdens Obamacare is placing on them. Couple that with the most recent jobs numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it is difficult not to conclude that Obamacare is having a dampening effect on the country's economy.

That is why we have introduced legislation that would delay all Obamacare provisions and taxes for one year. H.R. 2809 and S. 1490 seek to postpone all provisions of the Affordable Care Act taking effect on Jan. 1, 2014 or later by one year from the date of enactment.

Delaying Obamacare is a necessary step in our efforts to get this law off the books and replace it with real health-care solutions that work for American families and businesses. It builds on efforts already taken by the House and Senate to delay both the individual and employer mandates. In fairness to American taxpayers, the best thing we can do right now is to implement a one-year delay so we can continue to chip away at this disastrous law.

Postponing Obamacare gives us the best chance to defund it. If we delay the law, the administration will be unable to collect new taxes, provide subsidies or expand Medicaid -- all things that put taxpayers further on the hook.

As Republicans continue to work to implement real health-care solutions for Americans, our legislation is the right step to take. In fairness to taxpayers, our best option today is to delay Obamacare's implementation for one year and continue to work to enact policies that put patients and doctors in charge of health care and do not require trillions of dollars of taxpayer money.

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