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Ross Will Introduce Amendment to CR to Ensure Congress Doesn't Get Obamacare "Fix"

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross (FL-15) will introduce an amendment to the Continuing Resolution (CR) that will eliminate the Obamacare "fix" that the president asked OPM to give to Congress. He is circulating a letter to his colleagues for signatures to urge leadership to accept this amendment and allow Members to show their constituents that they stand with them.

"Obamacare is a bad law -- period. I have consistently voted to defund Obamacare, including my vote last week in support of the House-passed Continuing Resolution," said Ross.

"So if there are Members who won't vote to defund Obamacare -- like Harry Reid - let's pass a bill that those Members cannot disagree with -- that all laws must apply to everyone. That Congress can't get a "fix.' If we have to do a CR that funds Obamacare, we must ensure that everyone is subjected to it -- including Members and their staff. Given that the goal is to DEFUND Obamacare, I am hopeful that once all Members are subjected to it, everyone who doesn't already will realize how bad this law is and join together and eliminate Obamacare."

Ross is an original lead co-sponsor of H.R. 3076, the James Madison Congressional Accountability Act introduced September 10, 2013.
Ross voted on September 20, 2013 in support of the House-passed Continuing Resolution that would defund Obamacare and fund the government at sequester levels.
If a Member is interested in joining Rep. Ross to show support for his/her constituents, contact Kyle Glenn ( by 5 p.m. today.
The Ross Amendment would apply to the president, vice president, political appointees, Members of Congress and their staff.

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