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Transcript: Governor Christie: The History Of Brain Drain Ends Today


Location: Unknown


GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE: This project will support increased enrollment demand, while providing state of the art educational facilities for all the students who come here, helping to meet New Jersey's workforce demands and keeping our state's economy moving forward. You know, unfortunately over the last decade there's been no state in America who has had more of its high school students leave the state for higher education than New Jersey. Part of that reason has been because we haven't had the capacity here to be able to allow these students to be able to come to a great university like Rutgers and our other fine colleges and universities because of our failure to invest in a way that would grow those universities over the last 25 years. I'm proud to be here on the day that that ends and we need to provide greater opportunity for these students so they don't go away from home because if they leave New Jersey, they're less likely to come back. And that type of brain drain is not something that is in New Jersey's long-term best interest and just as importantly, not in the best interest of the mothers and fathers who want them to come home and have their grandchildren in New Jersey. And not have to travel someplace else to do it. So, I'm proud to be here today, proud to be a part of this team that's helping to make this happen and once again, thank all the people at Rutgers for their patience to getting to this day and then their commitment to making this day happen once we got here. So, President Barchi, Mayor Cahill, Chris Paladino, thank you for your commitment to this and I'm happy to be part of a team that will put a shovel in the ground and get this work moving, get people back to work and have enhanced opportunities for the current Rutgers students and the ones who are going to come here in the future to take Rutgers to even greater heights as a university and New Jersey to an even better place economically and educationally. Thank you all very much.

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