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Leader Cantor Discusses Workfare, CR, And Debt Limit on Greta


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Welfare Programs Should Help Americans Get Back To Work: "Nobody chooses to be on food stamps. I think most people would say they want a job. People who are in need of help should have it, and this bill does provide for anyone that is in need of that help will get it. But what it also says is the dignity of a job is what things should be about in these programs. In fact, going back to 1996, when a Republican Congress worked with President Bill Clinton, they overhauled the welfare program in this country and instituted a workfare requirement. And that's all this does. What it says is if you're able-bodied, you should be willing to work, not that you have to have a job because there's many parts of the country that don't have jobs, but that you could go and participate in community service activities or a workfare program. Again, most people would say, no, I don't want a life of dependency, I want to be able to get back to work…What's happened since 2009, President Obama has essentially issued nationwide waivers to the work requirement. That was what allowed the 1996 welfare reform to be so successful, that people actually came off the welfare rolls because they were back into productive mode. That's what we're trying to do for people. We are not saying that there shouldn't be a safety net. Certainly, there should be…Think about it. If somebody is abusing the system or if somebody somehow gets used to a life of dependency, how is it fair for the working middle class of this country to have overtime, to go to work two jobs to help pay for that? That's the fairness in all of this. It's to help people."

Don't Bet Against Senator Cruz, Lee, And Rubio's Efforts To Stop ObamaCare: "Senator Cruz, Senator Lee, Senator Rubio have said that they're going to do everything and anything that they can to stop ObamaCare. I support them in their efforts to do so. We've actually given them what we want because this bill is coming over to them. I know and I support the fact that they're going to leave no stone unturned to stop this bill and to stop ObamaCare. They have said that they're going to do anything and I support that effort. Listen, House Republicans since 2009 have been leading the charge to stop ObamaCare. We've said all along that this bill's going to raise health care prices, it's going to be bad for jobs. We're seeing that our economy is turning into a part-time job economy because of the bill. We've got to stop it. We're doing everything in the House to do so, and I know that we're all joining in support with these Senators that they'll do anything they can to stop ObamaCare. Let's not assume anything here because the Senators and the Republicans have decided that they're going to do anything they can. And I support it. I don't think we should be betting against them."

Senate Democrats Will Have A Hard Time Explaining To Their Constituents Why They Voted To Fund ObamaCare: "Remember, this puts the Democrats like Kay Hagan in North Carolina and Mark Pryor in Arkansas and Mark Begich in Alaska and Senator Landrieu in Louisiana in a tough position. ObamaCare has huge impacts in those states. These are Democratic senators that are up for reelection. Let's see how they respond because they also have to be held to account for ObamaCare."

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