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Congressman Cantor Responds To EPA's Latest Proposal


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-7) today responded to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s revised proposal to set new greenhouse gas performance standards for new power plants:

"At a time when working middle class families are struggling in the Obama economy, the President is announcing another plan to make them pay more for electricity. This is another example of the Administration's shameful and costly War on Coal.

"The EPA's proposal will drive up costs for consumers and kill middle class coal jobs. No coal power plant ever built or even considered could ever meet the standard imposed under this rule, but that doesn't seem to matter to President Obama or his EPA. By requiring power plants to use an unproven technology that imposes significant costs and may not work as planned, the Obama Administration is almost guaranteeing that electricity costs will skyrocket in the future. The U.S. stands to lose all future coal fired power plants and that is a direct hit on the middle class.

"The Obama Administration doesn't care about the increased costs to consumers, but the Republican led House is leading the charge on this fight. Representative Bill Cassidy's Energy Consumers Relief Act, which passed the House in a bipartisan vote last month, would provide a check on EPA's most expensive rules, such as this one and provide protection to the hard working middle class families that this President claims to want to help."

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