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Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. Madam Speaker, I thank the gentleman for yielding.

I rise in support of the continuing resolution. I do so with no small amount of frustration, since Ranking Member Kaptur and I worked hard on our Energy and Water bill, putting months of work into it. It passed the House and now is held up.

Ours was a tough, but a balanced, bill. We made some difficult choices to get under the $960 billion cap set by this House, while still funding our Nation's critical priorities, strong national defense, the work of the Army Corps of Engineers, and, yes, the work of the Department of Energy. And all that work will be thrown away unless we deal with sequestration and get back to what we call regular order.

Coming up with an approach to manage, or perhaps best, eliminate sequestration, is going to take some time. As those decisions are being made, our Nation must be kept open for business, and the government must provide critical services.

If the government shuts down, many of those services will not be funded. Military personnel will not be paid, and their families will suffer.

This would be an unpardonable breach of trust to our men and women in uniform.

Under the jurisdiction of our committee, the Energy and Water bill, many Army Corps of Engineers activities would quickly grind to a halt. That includes the dredging of waterways critical to American jobs and businesses and work on flood control structures such as levees.

At our national laboratories, critical and time-sensitive work to maintain the reliability of our nuclear weapons would also slow down. That would be unconscionable. Our work overseas to ensure that nuclear weapons materials are kept out of the hands of those who would do our country harm would also be curtailed.

The continuing resolution before us is a limited, temporary measure which includes no objectionable provisions and ensures the government keeps its obligations to the American people. It deserves passage so the Senate can quickly begin its consideration of the measure.


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