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Smith Votes to Prevent Government Shutdown, Avoid Default, and Defund Obamacare


Location: Unknown

Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) issued the following statement today after voting in favor of the House Continuing Resolution, which would fund the government through December 15, 2013 at current levels, fully defund the President's health care law, and prevent default should the United States reach the federal debt limit:

"Today's legislation is a responsible first step toward preventing a government shutdown and taking default off the table as Congress and the President address the debt ceiling in the coming weeks. Importantly, our resolution also would fully defund the President's disastrous health care law, which clearly is not ready to be implemented.

"As the legislative process moves forward, I am hopeful we will reach an agreement with the Senate and President. We must keep our options open and prudently pursue policies which benefit the American people."

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