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Miller Denounces GOP Vote to Cut Food Assistance


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. George Miller (D- Contra Costa County) issued the following statement today after the House of Representatives voted to slash funding for SNAP, the nation's cornerstone nutrition assistance program, by $40 billion. The cuts would effectively drop 3.8 million Americans from much needed assistance. The bill passed with no Democratic votes.

"House Republicans are doubling down on a bad idea," said Miller. "Cutting SNAP will not only increase hunger in America, it will cost the nation jobs in the food industry. Because when poor families don't have enough to eat, they go without. This isn't an economic stimulus -- it's a national outrage.

"To add insult to injury, 14 members of Congress have gone so far as to vote to enrich themselves and wealthy special interests with farm subsidies, while voting against benefits to millions of the neediest and most vulnerable Americans. I issued a report earlier this year that detailed these 14 members of Congress who are collectively worth up to $124 million and received at least $7.2 million in farm subsidies but voted to cut nutrition aid for 47 million Americans without batting an eye.

"If the majority really wants to save money on food stamps, let's raise the minimum wage so taxpayers don't have to pick up the tab for low wage employers, and let's pass legislation that puts people back to work. But it's truly the height of hypocrisy to throw needy families off food stamps while taking farm subsidies for yourself.

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