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Fox 16 News - Pegasus Pipeline Results to be Ready "Very Soon"

News Article

Location: Little Rock, AR

By Unknown

Test results on the part of the Pegasus Pipeline that ruptured in Mayflower should be ready "very soon," according to Exxon representatives who spoke in Little Rock on Monday.

Congressman Tim Griffin called the meeting to help explain some of the testing already done on the pipeline both before and after the March oil spill.

Griffin says Exxon should conduct more testing, especially in the sensitive Maumelle watershed, which is something the oil giant says it wouldn't rule out.

"I understand that they didn't say they would not do that, but they also didn't explain why they did not do that," Tim Griffin said. "Because there are about five tests available for a pipeline, and they didn't run them all."

Exxon says the Pegasus Pipeline will remain shut down until federal regulators give them the green light to restart it, and there is no timetable on when or if that might happen.

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