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Gov. Malloy Statement on New National Carbon Standards for Power Plants


Location: Hartford, CT

Governor Dannel P. Malloy today released the following statement regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's announcement of new national carbon pollution standards for power plants:

"I commend President Obama and Administrator McCarthy for setting national limits on carbon pollution from new power plants. The standards set today are a significant step to slow the effects of climate change and preserve a safe and healthy environment for our children.

"In Connecticut, we know well that climate change poses a severe threat to our communities. Catastrophic storms, drought, increasingly acidic coastal waters and other climate change effects impose enormous economic and environmental costs, and are challenging the way we respond to disasters and rebuild our communities to withstand future extreme weather events. In Connecticut, we're doing what we can to address this problem, but more must be done at a national level. I am glad to have the Obama Administration as a committed ally in addressing climate change.

"Power plants are the nation's largest source of carbon pollution and this new standard will ensure the new plants are cleaner and more efficient. And by driving demand for cleaner sources of energy, this rule will help us realize the enormous economic opportunities in clean energy. In Connecticut we are committed to building a 21st century energy future. And we have been making real progress delivering cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy to our residents and businesses. We are reducing the cost of electricity, (down 12% in the past two years), increasing our investment in energy efficiency to reduce emissions and costs for families and businesses, expanding the availability of cheaper and cleaner natural gas, and deploying more renewable energy resources. In fact, just today we announced the selection of two clean energy projects that will meet 3.5% of our state's total electricity needs at prices that are close to matching the cost of power generated from conventional fossil fuel plants."

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