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Scott Statement After Attending Classified Briefing on the Situation in Syria


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement after attending a classified briefing on the situation in Syria this afternoon in the United States Capitol:

"Like all Americans, I am deeply disturbed by the significant evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against innocent civilians. I am pleased that the President will seek Congressional authorization before committing to use any U.S. military force against the Assad regime. I believe such authorization is required by the War Powers Resolution and the Constitution when there appears to be no imminent threat to American citizens or assets.

"Any failure by the international community to strongly condemn these crimes against humanity could have dire consequences for the people of Syria, our allies in the region, and for the legitimacy of international law. However, I believe the precedence that will be set by engaging Syria militarily without the support of the United Nations, or at least an alternate coalition demonstrating an international consensus, would be problematic.

"As Congress begins to debate and consider the proposed authorization for the use of military force submitted by the Administration, I fully expect the President to continue to engage the members of the United Nations and our allies in order to achieve an international consensus supporting any action."

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