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Guthrie to Oppose Syria Resolution


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Brett Guthrie today issued the following statement after receiving a classified briefing on the situation in Syria:

"I appreciate Administration officials briefing the House on this very important situation. However, none of the information shared with me today has convinced me that military action is necessary or appropriate to further our national security interests in Syria and the surrounding region.

"There is no doubt that the Middle East is rife with conflict and that the chemical weapons attack against the Syrian people on August 21 was horrific. But I do not believe that a bombing campaign against the Assad regime would be appropriate, and may even further enflame regional tensions. As the last remaining superpower, the United States should act as a role model for these troubled nations and look for further diplomatic solutions.

"I spent the last few weeks listening to my constituents and I appreciate everyone who took the time to share their opinions with me. The response was overwhelming and affirms how fortunate we are to live in a democratic republic.

"Based on the information available to me and the concerns I have heard from Kentuckians, I will vote against the proposed resolution to authorize U.S. military force in Syria."

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