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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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As Senator, I will support universal health care and every effort to make that result a reality in this country. I will also support current legislative efforts to make affordable health care available to millions who have never received it. I believe that a public insurance option remains the best safeguard against the continued dominance of private health insurers who literally now control the day to day practice of medicine.

As your Senator I will continue to pursue that addition to health care legislation at every opportunity. Currently, the Affordable Care has had the most attempts to repealed. Since it's inception it has seen as many as 40 attempts by the GOP.

My votes, in committee and on the senate floor, will depend on the specifics of each piece of legislation. I will read and study all bills carefully, consider the pros and cons, and determine whether they comport with the United States Constitution and the New Jersey Constitution. I will also be in frequent contact with my constituents not only those who have supported my campaign or who are members of my political party but all my constituents, eliciting their views on legislation and their ideas for shaping New Jersey.

Every citizen should have the right to affordable healthcare, as we are now understanding with the increasing numbers of mental heath issue in America involving mass killings from the hands of mentally ill people, brings me to the conclusion that we as a Nation must ensure that everyone has accessibility to affordable health care and mental health care. Since the debate on the Affordable Care Act presented to Congress by President Obama, we have seen a spike of mass killings all across America. The necessity to come to an agreement that all Americans should have this entitlement is imperative to the health, livelihood and safety to all Americans we have no other choice but fund the Affordable Care Act.

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