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Issue Position: New Jersey Issues

Issue Position

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Currently, New Jersey has the highest ratio of people moving out compared to the amount that are moving in. New Jersey has been suffering from deindustrialization for quite some time, manufacturing has moved from the Northeast to the South and West. New Jersey having the 'worst increase in unemployment' is based on the period from December 2011 to December 2012. New Jersey faces a major long-term fiscal crisis that it should deal with now, even after the recent reforms, we are still talking about tens of billions of dollars needed for pension and retiree health benefits."

The longer the state delays dealing with its long-term fiscal crisis, the more costly it will be to fix the problem, we have to come together and address New Jersey's economic future, As your Senator I will work tirelessly to generate better more proactive and aggressive initiatives.

To fix what's wrong with the U.S. economy, we have to replace the failed low-wage economic strategy of the past 30 years with a high-wage strategy for shared prosperity.

The first step in such a high-wage strategy is to put America back to work because high unemployment keeps wages down. Our goal should be "full employment," meaning everybody who wants to work should be able to find a decent job. We can't allow the unfounded fear of inflation to be used as an excuse to keep unemployment high and wages low.

Full employment will require much higher levels of investment in education, clean energy and infrastructure, which is the foundation for long-term economic productivity and growth. We need jobs in our community, and not this continued cycle of poverty, we need to rebuild the middle class on which our economy survives. Parents who can't make ends meet; need access to healthy foods to sustain a healthy household. We need to rebuild the middle class; we need jobs that support the middle class. That means good wages, health care and respectful treatment of employees that includes predictable schedules, getting paid for all hours worked, and adequate workplace protections. Every School deserves equal funding and resources, because every child deserves a quality education. However, since both economic and income inequality has been a generational fight and a generational investment that has to be made, if we are truly going to address income inequality that affects primarily on minorities in America.

In order to combatant this, we must continue to add resource and invest in our infrastructure such as; education investment, job training, and keeping jobs here in New Jersey and throughout America. The growing violence involving illegal guns and high capacity magazines, As your Senator I will ensure that that new and stringent laws are enacted to prevent the illegal ownership of these weapons. Since the expiration of the assault weapons ban in 2004, there has been a proliferation of militarized assault weapons capable of holding 20, 30, 40, or even 100 rounds in a single ammunition magazine and they've been used in a number of mass shootings.

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