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Galveston Daily News - We Cannot Police the World


Location: Unknown

By Randy K. Weber

On Sept. 9, I read an opinion column called "Leadership should actually lead" (The Daily News). I appreciate the honest feedback, and there are some points I would like to address.

From the get-go, I have been one of the most vocal opponents on a potential military strike against Syria. I do not want to risk the lives of our military men and women because this is a conflict that is not ours to solve. We cannot be the world's police force.

Having said that, it is important that I hear from my constituents. As an elected official, it is my sole responsibility to represent the views of my district. The possibility of entering a war is of great importance and will significantly impact everyone's lives.

I have been gratified by the large response regarding the issue of Syria. We have had over 2,000 people share their opinion through our office and social media. Almost unanimously, those who corresponded agreed that we should not use military force.

We are truly blessed to live in a great country where we may voice our opinions and have a constructive conversation without repercussion. As always, if you want to share your opinion with me, I encourage you to visit my website at or call my office at 202-225-2831.

U.S. Rep. Randy K. Weber, 14th Congressional District of Texas, Friendswood

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