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NSA -- Of the Politicians, By the Bureaucrats, and Against the People

Press Release

Location: Metuchen, NJ

Mayor Steve Lonegan, the Republican candidate for the United States Senate, criticized the National Security Agency for newly revealed violations of the Constitutional rights of thousands of Americans, arguing they are further evidence of the Obama Administration's intent to erode the individual liberties of every American.

"I stand against these searches authorized by faulty testimony by the NSA and surveillance programs that are so big and so complex that nobody in the NSA fully understands the program," Lonegan said. "It is disturbing that Mr. Booker hasn't seen fit to take a position on these gross violations of our privacy."

Lonegan cited declassified documents that show the NSA often offered flawed testimony to the FISA court, which authorizes NSA search warrants, authorizing the NSA to carry out surveillance procedures. In 2009, the NSA confirmed that 17,800 phone numbers on their alert list met the legal standard, but now it is reported that only about 10% of those numbers met that standard.

"I have been clear from the beginning that these intrusions into our personal lives must be stopped," Lonegan said. "Combining bloated bureaucracy with super secrecy has resulted in a government of the politicians, by the bureaucrats, and against the people. Cory Booker's only commentary: he looks forward to a robust national discussion."

Lonegan has dismissed Booker's comments as mere platitudes and noted that America's "robust national discussion' was the American Revolution. Lonegan said, "We decided in 1776 that we would rather be free than subject to harassment by bureaucrats and government officials, but Mr. Booker doesn't seem to understand that."

Lonegan served as Bogota Mayor for twelve years, winning three times in a town that gave Barack Obama 67.5 percent of the vote in 2012. He served for seven years as state director of Americans for Prosperity New Jersey, where he helped defeat liberal attempts to expand big government. Steve Lonegan is the conservative Republican candidate in the New Jersey special election for the United States Senate. Lonegan stands firmly on the bedrock conservative values of small government, fiscal responsibility and individual liberty.

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