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Lonegan Remembers 9/11


Location: Trenton, NJ

Mayor Steve Lonegan, the Republican candidate for the United States Senate, remembered the 9/11 terror attacks while speaking at a press conference in Trenton today.

Lonegan said, "September 11th is a sacred day for all Americans. The tragic loss of so many lives twelve years ago will live with America forever. One of my best friends from early childhood ran into one of the burning buildings to help, voluntarily. He never came home. As the mayor of Bogota, I had a number of residents who never came home."

"Everyone says never forget 9/11. What should we not forget? We should not forget the people who were murdered that day, the people who died crashing Flight 93 in a field instead of another target, the first responders doing everything in their power to save lives, and the palpable unity of all Americans following our darkest hour in recent history."

"I pray that we as a country never forget that day and the assault on this nation. I pray we will never forget those we lost, the heroes of that day, and the unity of Americans in their love for country. May God bless America."

Lonegan served as Bogota Mayor for twelve years, winning three times in a town that gave Barack Obama 67.5 percent of the vote in 2012. He served for seven years as state director of Americans for Prosperity New Jersey, where he helped defeat liberal attempts to expand big government. Steve Lonegan is the conservative Republican candidate in the New Jersey special election for the United States Senate. Lonegan stands firmly on the bedrock conservative values of small government, fiscal responsibility and individual liberty.

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