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On 2nd Anniversary of Hurricane Irene, Karen Spilka Calls for Rebuilding Our Electric Grid

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On the second anniversary of Hurricane Irene's landfall on Massachusetts, congressional candidate Karen Spilka called for Congress to invest in an electric infrastructure bank to rebuild our crumbling electric grid.

Our country needs an electrical grid for the 21st century. Our current grid is out-of-date and as severe weather is becoming increasingly frequent and our dependence on fossil fuels is becoming more unsustainable, we must update our grid to meet both of these challenges.

"For too long in the Northeast, our plan to deal with our aging electric grid has been to hope for good weather. This isn't good enough. We need to invest in an electric infrastructure bank to fund the renewal of our country's electric grid infrastructure," said Karen. "Our country's grid has been rated D+, and here in Massachusetts we have one of the oldest grids in the country. We cannot continue to be held hostage by hurricanes and powerful storms. We can't have our economy come to a halt in the aftermath of severe weather because we lacked the leadership and foresight to get this done. I want to go to Congress and make this a reality."

Added Karen, "Our electrical infrastructure is out-of-date and built for a fossil fuel based economy that is increasingly going to become obsolete. We need to invest in a new kind of clean energy like solar and wind that reduces our dependence on foreign oil and creates the innovative American jobs of tomorrow. It's time to get serious."

Karen's electric grid infrastructure bank proposal has earned support from a wide variety of organizations and leaders.

Said Dan Leary, Executive Vice President of the Utility Workers Local 369, "Karen Spilka understands that we have to do something about our electric grid. She knows that making an investment now would not only help secure our economic future but will also create thousands of jobs. We know that Karen will make a fantastic member of Congress because she is not afraid to take on big challenges when she knows it is the right thing to do."

Matthew Commons, a local environmental leader said, "Rebuilding our electric grid just makes sense. We need to move away from our dependence on foreign oil and Karen Spilka knows that investing in our electric grid is a giant step in the right direction and I am proud to support her."

The technology industry is also critically aware of the need to improve our electric infrastructure. "Here in Massachusetts, the future of our economy is the innovation economy, and having a steady and secure supply of electricity is absolutely necessary in reaching our full potential as a national leader in the technology industry," said Steve Derezinski, CEO and co-founder of INFINIUM, Inc. "Karen Spilka understands how important our industry is to the future of Massachusetts and that is why I am doing everything I can to send her to Congress."

And small business owners, who help make up the backbone of our economy, know first-hand the financial impact that a blackout of several days can have on a local business. Said John Paltrineri, owner of Fiske's General Store in Holliston, "I know local businesses that were completely devastated by Irene, and I am proud that Karen Spilka is leading the way to rebuild our infrastructure so I can worry about running my business, not the 10 day forecast."

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