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Issue Position: Social Security

Issue Position

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The current benefit structure, including retirement age for workers and cost-of-living adjustments [COLAs] for retirees, must not be altered in any way.

Our present retirement age of 67 is already the oldest in the First World and Congress mustn't let it go any higher.

If COLAs are lowered, it'd hurt most retirees and, if they're only given to low-income folk, it'd
turn a self-supporting program that people now take pride in into a quasi-welfare arrangement.

The current contribution schema (6.2% of an employee's earned income up to $113,700.00 for the 2013 calendar year) would, under the latest projections, sustain Social Security for 30-40 years but, in the interests of prudence, I would, if elected, support and increase of the noted parameters to levels of 6.4% and $123,700.00.

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