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Issue Position: Illegal Immigrants

Issue Position

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The cost to Massachusetts of illegal aliens living in Massachusetts has been estimated by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) to be in the range of $500,000,000 a year. And that's based on 2007 statistics. It can reasonably be assumed that the figure is higher today and will continue to grow as we go forward. Taxpayer money that could be spent on police, fire safety, schools, etc. is being siphoned off to provide services to people who are not legal citizens of this country.

Neither President Obama, Governor Patrick, nor Congressman Jim McGovern are willing to solve this problem.

I have suggested legislation that returns illegal aliens to their home countries by simultaneously targeting employers and illegal aliens. Such legislation would induce illegal aliens to self-identify, names and addresses and family members, by offering them a "yellow card" with which they could work legally in the U.S. for a period of three months. This would allow their children time to finish the school semester, and giving them time to sell property, etc.

At the same time, employers would be given amnesty from prosecution for past transgressions (and many have been employing illegal aliens for years) if they came out, identified all of the workers for whom they had received no-match letters from the Social Security Administration (SSA), providing names and addresses, and agreed to go on E-verify from then on.

Such a dual-focus approach would accomplish the first objective which is to find and record all of the illegal aliens in America (at least those who were working). At that point, Immigration and Customs Enforcement could see that these illegal aliens returned home. But the crucial element is that they would no longer be able to work. Most would therefore leave of their own accord.

A further idea would be for the SSA to send the same no-match letters also to State Attorney Generals who would be encouraged to publicize this information so that the public would know which companies were doing a good job of not hiring illegals and which companies were not doing a good job. Then let the public decide which companies to choose to do business with.

While the above ideas would ease the problem of illegal aliens in this country, it is only a partial answer. Our borders must be protected from the continuing influx of illegals, many of whom are engaged in criminal activities. I believe that Arizona and other states have the moral obligation to protect their citizens from this danger, particularly if the federal government refuses to uphold the laws it has put into place.

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