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Issue Position: Getting Corporate Money Out of Campaigns

Issue Position

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The Citizens United Supreme Court decision has hijacked our government, giving special interests even more power than they already had. When only the wealthy and corporate interests have a voice, it takes government out of the hands of the people.

That's why, here in the Massachusetts legislature, I co-sponsored and voted for a resolution calling on Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment to undo the Citizens United decision. I also co-sponsored a bill to require disclosure of all political spending by corporations in the state.

In Congress I will work to overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and mitigate its damaging effects on our democracy. I will co-sponsor the DISCLOSE Act to make Super PACs reveal their donors, and work with allies toward its passage. I also support adopting a public finance system for campaigns at the Federal level to eliminate the huge amount of corporate money funneled by bundlers directly to candidates' campaigns. Furthermore, I pledge to publish my office calendar on my website to lift the veil of secrecy that hides lobbyists' meetings with elected officials.

I was first in this race to call on my opponents to sign The People's Pledge because there are serious issues I want to fight for in Washington -- including meaningful Wall Street regulations, climate change legislation, and increasing the minimum wage. The Citizens United decision and the current system gives too much power to corporate interests who seek to block progress on these important policies, and it is important that we do our part in this election to prevent them from having that power.

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