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Dr. Boozman's Check Up: Week in Review: September 9-13


Location: Unknown

Most of the attention in the Senate's first week back was focused on Syria. Read my thoughts on the President's proposed military strike and more in this "Week in Review."

- Why I oppose U.S. military involvement in Syria: The American people are weary of becoming involved in another U.S. military engagement. In the weeks since the President first proposed a military strike against Bashar Assad's regime, the majority of Americans have become more convinced that the President lacks a plan to accomplish his goals. Many have become more concerned in that time that these goals aren't even well defined. Without a clear path forward, I agree with them and continue to oppose the use of military force in Syria.

- Obamacare waivers for all, not some: This week, President Obama was told by the head of the AFL-CIO that unless he offers a special Obamacare deal for union members, he faces a revolt from one of his staunchest allies. While this should not be allowed to move forward, and we are working to prevent it from happening, the demand raises a bigger concern than just whether union members should get special treatment. There is a simple solution to this problem. Let's exempt EVERYONE from the law.

- Visiting with KASU: I was on KASU's morning program earlier this week to discuss the situation in Syria, Obamacare and the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Listen to the entire interview at KASU's website.

- Hunger Action Month: September is Hunger Action Month and we're highlighting how community involvement is essential to this fight. Here we are at the Arkansas Rice Depot. We followed this with a visit to the Arkansas Food Bank. I also wrote about this important topic in my weekly column which you can read here.

- Infrastructure Improvements: Arkansas is the recipient of federal funds to help improve the infrastructure and foster economic development. The Rogers Municipal-Carter Field Airport received $75,000 in Department of Transportation funding to improve safety and operations and the City of Jonesboro received a $135,000 grant from the Economic Development Administration to help strengthen and attract businesses and create 20 new jobs.

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