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From Syria to the CR: Loud and Clear


Location: Unknown


For now, President Obama has decided to abandon a military option in Syria. I believe that decision is the direct result of Americans like you, standing up to let your voices be heard, LOUD and CLEAR.

You sent the message to President Obama and his advisers: "We're just not buying what you're selling."

I had an opportunity to relay that message to Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey.

I firmly believe that now is the time for Americans to continue letting their voices be heard - on issues like Defunding ObamaCare and upcoming votes on a Continuing Budget Resolution, or CR.

I will continue fighting to Repeal, Replace, Dismantle, Delay and Defund ObamaCare. I believe these are fights worth fighting for the people of Mississippi. I believe these are fights we can win if the American people speak out once more, LOUD and CLEAR.

As always, I value your continued feedback. That's why I'm hosting a Telephone Town Hall this next week to hear more from you on these and other matters. You can find more information below.

I also encourage you to connect with me using my website, twitter, and facebook.

In Your Service,
Congressman Steven Palazzo

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