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Governor Scott Walker Releases Statement on Deer Trustee Report Recommendations


Location: Madison, WI

Today, the Deer Trustee Report action teams, comprised of members of the public with interest in deer management, released their final proposals on how the state could implement the report's 62 recommendations.

Governor Scott Walker issued the following statement in response to the report:

Thanks to Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp for her commitment to Deer Trustee Report implementation, as well as the department for their efforts to ensure this has been a publicly-driven process.

Many thanks go to the members of the action teams, who have volunteered their time from March through July to incorporate diverse feedback, science, and experience to develop proposals on how to turn the recommendations of the report into action on the ground.

These volunteers, along with the thousands, who have provided feedback through surveys, submitted comments, or attended meetings, are paving the future of deer management in Wisconsin.

Thanks to all who have contributed to enhancing deer management in the state, and for staying involved in the next phases of the process.

Secretary Stepp thanked the members of the action teams saying:

Many thanks go out to everyone who has provided feedback, attended meetings, and taken surveys. This has been a publicly-driven process. The amount of time and effort people, especially the members of the action teams, have devoted to this process is a testament to the importance of deer to Wisconsin. I encourage everyone to keep their energy up. We need continued involvement as the proposals turn into action on the ground.

Dr. James Kroll also shared his appreciation for the action team's dedication and work:

The Deer Trustee Report was released in June, 2012; and, in only one year all interests came together to develop a proposed implementation plan. A year may sound like a long time, yet considering the amount of work, this was lightning speed!

Attending the meeting at Stevens Point, I was amazed at the cooperative, unified spirit of all participants. They obviously were dedicated to my admonition: we are here for the white-tailed deer and the Wisconsin deer hunting heritage, leave personal agendas outside the door.

Serving as the Deer Trustee of Wisconsin remains the greatest honor of my four decade career. I forever will be grateful to the people of Wisconsin and Governor Walker for their trust and support. Implementation of our recommendations will serve as a model for other states and agencies.

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