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Enzi Will Vote Against Military Intervention in Syria


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., issued the following statement regarding a likely Senate vote on authorizing a military strike against Syria.

"I have not seen a proposal for U.S. military action in Syria that I support and I plan to vote 'no' if given the opportunity. I've met with hundreds of Wyoming folks over the past few weeks in the state and heard from thousands more. They are asking the right questions. What would be our objective? What U.S. interests would be served? There are bad guys on both sides of this civil war so how would our intervention help? How much is it going to cost? I haven't heard satisfactory answers.

"President Obama painted himself in a corner with his "red line" comments and now he is trying to transfer ownership to Congress. It's unfortunate that he has put our country in this position, but it's a no sale for me. We shouldn't use our military to intervene in the conflict without specific, definable and achievable U.S. policy and strategic objectives. It is too much to risk.

"Folks from both the right and left agree that we should stay out of Syria and under the current circumstances, that is my position."

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