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At Progressive Voters Forum, Pete Koutoujian Says He Will Stand Strong for Women's Rights, Stand Up to Gun Violence, and Stand Firm with the Middle Class

Press Release

Location: Walham, MA

Peter Koutoujian tonight outlined his priorities for the Fifth District at the Progressive Voters Forum in Cambridge: standing strong for women's rights, standing up to gun violence, and standing firm with the middle class.

"I'm proud to stand strong on progressive values," said Koutoujian. "Women's rights are non-negotiable because there's no reason my daughter should make 77 cents for every dollar my sons make. I'm going to stand up to the NRA because 19 years ago we banned assault weapons and I believe we can do it again. And I'm going to stand with the middle class because we need to build our economy from the middle out, not top down."

Koutoujian referenced his experience in the State Legislature saying, "These aren't just campaign issues for me: I've worked on them for my entire career. I fought to make sure every hospital in Massachusetts provided emergency contraception for women who needed it. The first bill I worked on was Massachusetts' assault weapons ban. In fact, I made my maiden speech on the floor of the State House on that very issue. And when it comes to the middle class I can tell you this: I've always stood strong for Social Security and Medicare and I always will. I completely oppose any bill that chains senior citizens' benefits to CPI."

In the third forum this week Koutoujian made clear he would go to Congress with his eyes open but his ears focused on the district, a stance that resonated with attendees. "Peter campaigns at the grassroots but you can tell that's also how he'll govern," said Patrick Barton of Cambridge. "He's knocking doors now and once he gets to Congress he's going to come back to the district every weekend and knock some more. It's just who he is."

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