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Hall Supports Stricter Documentation to Strengthen Border Security

Location: Washington, DC

February 10, 2005

Washington, DC...Ralph Hall (R-TX/4th) voted with a majority in the House of Representatives today to pass legislation that would strengthen the Nation's border security and better protect the homeland by requiring stricter documentation of immigrants and by closing asylum loopholes, among other provisions.

"I heard from scores of constituents who supported this effort," Hall said. "This measure will close some loopholes and provide some national uniformity for documentation of immigrants in an effort to reduce illegal entry."

The Real ID Act of 2005 would require applicants to provide proof that they are in the country legally and would require identity documents to expire at the same time as the expiration of their lawful entry status. "This will prevent those who have illegally entered the United States or remained past their approved time from having valid identification documents," Hall noted.

The bill also strengthens judges' ability to assess the credibility of those seeking political asylum in the United States and strengthens deportation laws. Finally, it requires completion of the San Diego Border Fence on the Mexico-U.S. border

"This bill does not adversely affect American citizens," Hall noted. "It will require those who are here legally to provide better documentation, and it will go a long way toward reducing the number of those who are here illegally."

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