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No Subsidies Without Verification Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. McMORRIS RODGERS. I thank the gentlelady.

Madam Speaker, in less than a month, enrollment for ObamaCare's largest entitlement program will begin. Subsidies will go out the door on January 1, and they will go to anyone who claims he is eligible--no verification, no accountability. The GAO and the Inspectors General for both Health and Human Services and the IRS have told us that the administration's verification system is extremely vulnerable to fraud, but the picture gets worse.

In 2012 alone, Health and Human Services gave out more than $64 billion in improper payments. In fact, the Department of Health and Human Services, the agency charged with implementing these exchanges, has the highest annual improper payment rate among Federal agencies. The Department of the Treasury, which is responsible for enforcing 47 different tax provisions, is second only to Health and Human Services. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that not verifying eligibility could cost taxpayers more than $250 billion in improper payments. Yet the administration doesn't seem to care.

Over the last several months, we've seen the wheels falling off--the delay in the employer mandate, the delay in the consumer cost containment rule, the delay in the finalizing of agreements with insurance plans, and now this delay in ensuring that the verification mechanisms are in place to protect taxpayers. This administration has made one thing clear, that it will stop at nothing to ensure that 7 million people are enrolled in exchanges in 2014--2.7 million of whom must be young in order to make it work--and that subsidies are handed out to as many Americans as possible.

The administration's decision to allow enrollees to self-attest to the information provided to the exchanges is not only irresponsible, but ripe for fraud. The only real solution is the passage of H.R. 2775, and I urge our colleagues to support this bill.


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