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Issue Position: Retirement Security

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Katherine will protect Social Security and Medicare. We made a promise to our seniors who have spent a lifetime paying into a system in order to have some financial security. We need to keep that promise.

As a legislator, Katherine has championed efforts to help seniors who wish to stay in their homes get the care and the services they need to keep them safe. In addition, she has fought for funding for senior centers and for keeping public transportation accessible and affordable.

Social Security

Katherine believes Social Security is a promise we have made to senior citizens who worked a lifetime and paid into the system. Cutting Social Security benefits, raising the retirement age, or ending the guaranteed benefits through privatization is unacceptable.

We should be focused on helping seniors supplement Social Security to ensure a secure retirement, not cutting the modest benefit Social Security provides.


Medicare is an essential program, and the alternatives to it would leave seniors unable to pay for medical care. Katherine's parents live next door to her in Melrose and, as they age, they are trying to navigate a complex medical system. Katherine knows firsthand how important it is to make sure our seniors have the medical benefits they need and deserve.

Katherine strongly opposes the extremist Republican plan to end Medicare as we know it and increase health care costs for seniors by thousands of dollars a year. We need to go after rising costs -- not go back on our promises. Here in Massachusetts, we have successfully expanded access to health care while also leading the country in tackling its rising costs. There's no reason why Congress can't do the same.

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