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Rep. Miller on Syria- President's Draft Resolution Unacceptable Starting Point


Location: Concord, CA

U.S. Rep. George Miller (D-Contra Costa County) issued the following statement after reviewing President Obama's draft resolution for the authorization of military force to strike Syria today:

"I agree with many of my colleagues that the draft authorization for use of force against Syria submitted by President Obama to Congress this weekend is overly broad and therefore unacceptable as a starting point in this important debate.

"The resolution must be rewritten in order for Congress to properly debate whether or not it is warranted and appropriate to launch a narrow and effective military strike to degrade the ability of the Assad government to use chemical weapons against its own citizens and to send a message to all nations that the United States and other countries will not tolerate the use of weapons of mass destruction.

"Congress must make it clear that this debate is not about authorizing a broad, unchecked use of force. The debate is over whether or not the evidence of Assad's use of chemical weapons in Syria is clear and convincing and, if so, whether a limited and narrow action in response to such a gross violation of international norms is warranted.

"The President has asked us to debate this issue and we will do so with the utmost seriousness that it requires."

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