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Congressman Cantor Talks About Cutting Waste And Student Loan Solution On WRVA


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House Acts To Stop Government Abuse: "We have a series of bills that really reflect the common sense I think people expect to see in Washington that all too often has just eluded this town. What we're trying to do is finally put a marker down and say enough is enough. One of the bills says when you're spending taxpayer dollars you should not be allowing bureaucrats to make decisions to go on lavish conferences and retreats. We put a stop to that in these bills. We also say that we shouldn't be seeing these excessive bonuses that are being discussed and rewarded to federal employees, especially when so many people in the private sector are struggling to keep a job much less see one with a bonus. We also have a bill that goes squarely at where I think the trust has been eroded most and that's with the IRS. A lot of activity at the IRS is under investigation. Right now, the director of that agency, when she is under investigation, we should not have the taxpayers paying her salary. That's what's going on now because the IRS claims it can't do anything else. We say put her on unpaid leave, it just makes sense."

Common Sense Measures To Protect Middle Class: "The U.S. House under the Republican majority for several years now has been about reform. We're trying to say you can't be satisfied with the way things have always been. Frankly, the taxpayers don't and shouldn't want to put up with it. We can't afford to keep spending money we don't have. In fact, what's happening is the working people, the middle class across Virginia and America, are getting the short end of the stick."

Keeping The IRS Out Of People's Health Care: "The IRS has been the focus of a lot of attention. One of the bills we'll be bringing up tomorrow says do not allow the IRS to begin to implement ObamaCare next year because that means the IRS will have all the access to people's protected health information. We don't think that's a good idea, especially with the cloud hanging over this agency. Even at home in the Richmond area we've had several conservative groups that have been targeted by the IRS unfairly and we're trying to get to the bottom of that to determine how in the world an Administration could allow for that kind of conduct."

House Passes Student Loan Solution: "This has been several months in the works. I'm glad that finally the Senate and the President have come around. But in fact several months ago, prior to the expiration of the statute which said that student loan rates would be at a certain level, the House acted and said, why are we doing that? Let's let student loan rates fluctuate with the markets -- the rates are obviously low right now -- and put in place a regime in which the rates wouldn't be skyrocketing. That's exactly what happened finally yesterday after several months of the Administration and the Senate refusing to go along and act on behalf of the students. It's really about putting the students first so we can ensure that the next generation is going to have access to college."

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