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Governor Christie: We're Trying To Help Save The Dolphins


Location: Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Governor Christie: Well I think we're just trying to help, MaryAnn. You know we've got dozens and dozens of dolphins washing up onshore here, dead apparently from kind of a measles-like virus as I was briefed about last night, and what we're trying to do is to put our scientists together, do increased monitoring to see if we can do something to help, so none of us want to see these dolphins - they're beautiful animals - none of us want to see them washing up onshore dead, and so we're trying to be part of the solution. So, we're going to contribute to the effort by the federal government, by other states, and hopefully one of us, one set of our scientists will come up with a solution to the problem so we can save some of these dolphins from the fate that they're meeting on our shores and the shores up and down from Boston down to the Carolinas from what I understand. So, we'll bring our expertise to bear and hopefully one of our scientists will come up with something or contribute to coming up with something with the federal government and the other states.

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