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Weber Issues Statement on Syria


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Randy Weber (R-Friendswood) releases a statement on Syria:

"There are no simple answers. The U.S. should view every country and every situation individually and not try to establish or espouse a "one size fits all" strategy for every country or every situation. The use of chemical weapons, while a direct violation of international law, is not enough to justify our military involvement. Classified briefings are being scheduled for Congress, and the House Foreign Affairs Committee intends to hold additional hearings to flush out this debate. I want to learn about both the intelligence coming from the region, as well as any potential plan of action to determine if it is compelling enough to warrant successful military intervention. Furthermore, we need to be mindful that in the event of military action on our part, Israel will in all likelihood, be targeted in retaliation. Can this president be counted on to stand with Israel? And, lastly, I want to hear from my constituents in District 14 as to whether they believe we should be involved."

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