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Ross Decries Obamacare; Introduces PATIENT Health Care Act


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross (FL-15) issued the below statement in support of both H.R. 2667, the Authority for Mandate Delay Act, and H.R. 2668, the Fairness for American Families Act. These pieces of legislation would delay the employer and individual mandates in Obamacare for one year (until January 2015), respectively.

"Obamacare has been a train wreck. President Obama acknowledged this in his request to delay the employer mandate for a year. While I support eliminating both the employer and individual mandates entirely, we must acknowledge that if this law remains, both mandates should be delayed for the same amount of time.

"I recently introduced a bill, the PATIENT Health Care Act, that would give patients more control over their health care, not more government mandates. We need to foster a health care market where consumers are the decision-makers, and patient choice for high-quality, cost-efficient care is the first priority."

-Rep. Ross introduced H.R. 2688, the Providing Accountability & Transparency to Incentivize Economically Necessary Transitions in Health Care Act (PATIENT Health Care Act), on July 15, 2013.
-The PATIENT Health Care Act expands the use of Health Savings Accounts, allows health insurance to be purchased across state lines, and provides temporary coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

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