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Governor Christie: It's Been A Good Summer, But We're Not Finished


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Governor Christie: Part of what I want I'm going to be doing this week, is to get out and around the state with two messages. First, is that for those folks who didn't believe that we could have a summer in 2013 here in New Jersey, through all the hard work of people at local, state, and federal government, individual citizens, we've been able to have a really good summer on the Jersey Shore especially here in the southern part of the state. But secondly, to also remind people that because we had a good summer from a business perspective in many parts of the state, doesn't mean for a second that we're forgetting the people whose lives are still turned upside down by this storm. There are still thousands of people who are not back in their homes, people who are still trying to grapple with the damage and the loss from Sandy, and we're continuing everyday through the grant programs that we have to help those folks. And I won't rest until all those people are able to make their own decision about whether they want to get back in their home or whether they want to move on to something else. And we have to be able to do both at the same time everybody. If we waited for everyone to have their lives return to normal before we started to market our state and help these businesses, these businesses around us wouldn't be open. People wouldn't come. If we haven't had this tourism campaign that we've had, if we hadn't done the things that we needed to do to let people know that we can walk and chew gum at the same time. You know we can promote our businesses, and promote the good things that we've done while also acknowledging that there's more work to do.

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