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Governor Christie: Stronger Than The Storm, Baby


Location: Cape May, NJ

Governor Christie: We know that we want this last week to be as strong and as great as it could possibly be for these businesses, for the shopkeepers, for the hotels, for the motels, for the rental homes, for all the people down here who help to make most of their living during these months of the summer. So, the good news is I think except for maybe a little bit of rain today we're going to have a great rest of the week. Stronger than the Storm, baby. She's going to start singing it now.

I know that I have a mission now, much different than a job, and the promise I'll leave you with today is that there will not be anyone or anything that is going to successfully get in between me and the completion of the mission that this storm laid at our feet. I will not let the people of this region or this country forget what New Jersey is going through, and I will not rest until every one of our 8.8 million people have their lives back to normal and can live happily again in this state. That's my mission. That's the mission this storm gave me. The job you gave me gives me that mission and I am not going to quit, and believe me, I won't let anything, whether it's politicians in Washington, DC or politicians on the ballot this fall get in between me and the completion of this mission, so thank you all for coming today. I appreciate it very much.

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